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Build Feature: Dave’s Turbocharged Toyota 86

Three weeks is all it took between ordering a Fuji Red 86 GT to it being delivered to the dealership ready for pickup.


After driving the car, the bug had bitten and Dave was eager to start modifying. It took next to no time at all for the first orders to be placed.

Soon enough Dave received a few rather large boxes consisting of a set of Rays Engineering Volk TE37SL Black Editions as well as Tein Type Flex Coilovers which would settle the 86 and give it a much better stance than stock. A few carbon fibre bits and pieces were further added to the car, which included a duck-tail wing as well as TRD fender fin garnishes.



“I knew that I wanted my 86 to venture into the somewhat unknown academy on territory of forced induction. I chose to turbo it using the stage 2 version of the AVO turbo kit specifically designed for the 86. I liked the conservative power it developed, I liked how stealth it was and above all it really wasn’t that expensive.” – Dave Vella.

At first glance, the engine bay truly has that clean, unmodified look. Which is a blessing if questioned by the law.


However on closer inspection, you can see some discreet added features.


“I visited Pulse Racing and spoke with Paul about the installation and tuning of the AVO Turbo kit, I was lucky enough that Pulse had already had experience with this kit and also the rest of the work that goes into it. I jumped in the passenger seat of the Pulse BRZ and was convinced so I handed over the chunk of change that was formerly my hand built pride and joy.”

Finally! The car was ready to be picked up from Pulse Racing, the car made 205rwkw on pump fuel and 245rwkw on e85 running conservative boost levels. After driving the car for about year the choice was made to look at a more efficient intercooler which led me to Hypertune where a custom Intercooler was fabricated.


Upon not getting the car retuned with the more efficient intercooler, the extra flow caused a boost spike which cause the OEM connecting rod to detach itself from the piston and punch a number of holes in the block.

This lead to the final iteration of the build which consisted of a built motor running forged internals with a lower compression than standard, also went in were strengthened valve springs to deal with the higher boost pressures that I was chasing. The final piece was the Garrett GTX3061R, which resulted in boost hitting at the same point the smaller previous turbo did.




Final tune on e85 netted 270rwkw and is amazing to drive, more power to come though!


Under the Bonnet
Installed and tuned by Pulse Racing
AVO Turboworld Stage 2 turbo kit
Carillo 10:1 low comp Forged Pistons
Carillo Forged Connecting Rods
Garrett GTX3061R
ARP head studs
Kelford Valve Springs
e85 flex fuel kit
1300cc ID injectors
DW high flow Fuel Pump
Cusco strut brace
Hypertune Intercooler
APR Carbon radiator shroud


Exhaust Specifications:
X-Force 3″ Cat-Back System (ES-T86-02-CBS)

For more information about XForce direct bolt-on exhaust systems to suit Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ click HERE.



Wheels, Suspension, Brakes and Driveline
Tein Type Flex coilovers
Rays Engineering Volk TE37SL Black Editions 18×9.5 square setup wrapped in 245/40/R18 Yokohama ADVAN AD08R’s
ATTKD BBK 356mm 8 Piston Calipers front and 335mm 6 Piston rear
Xtreme 5 Puck cushioned button Clutch
Whiteline Positive Shift Bushing

Zeta Performance Carbon ducktail
TRD Carbon fins


Nardi Alcantara steering wheel with flip up boss kit
GTS door cards and trim
TRD shift knob
Blitz SD gauges and dash cluster



Photos courtesy of Downshift Aus.