John Bowe reviews the VAREX Smart Box

      The Australian motorsports legend John Bowe was given an opportunity to test and review the VAREX Smart Box Bluetooth exhaust controller. He came away highly impressed with the features and functionality. “This (the VAREX Smart Box), is probably the most sophisticated and revolutionary exhaust product I’ve ever seen in my life,” John commented. He reckons that anyone who wants to take full control of their performance exhaust should get the VAREX Smart Box and mufflers. For more information about Varex Smart Box, please click here. John Bowe is a living legend in the Australian motorsport world. With a motorsport career spanning 40 years, he has won the Touring Cars Masters twice and the Australian Touring Car Championship, along with multiple wins at Bathurst in V8 Supercars, Bathurst 12 Hours GT3 International Racing and other categories. He is the only driver to hold six Australian Championships in four racing categories, a feat unlikely to be equalled. For more information on John Bowe, please click here. Disclaimer: Filming is done under controlled conditions. Exhaust note and sound from videos may vary between cars due to environmental effects, system configurations, individual vehicle set-up and other factors. Use this application only when traffic conditions permit. The app should not be used when the user is driving the vehicle. Safe vehicle operation is the driver's responsibility.

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