Varex SmartBox

Varex SmartBox Bluetooth Variable Exhaust Controller

Why the Varex Smartbox?

The acclaimed Varex exhaust system was invented by Xforce Performance Exhaust - it has been the most popular choice amongst enthusiasts who are seeking flexible control of their sound level.  The Varex exhaust system allows users to adjust the exhaust sound from stock-car-quiet to sports-car-growl with a click of a key fob button.  We love our Varex exhaust and prefer to keep it in ‘open mode’. However, there are always moments when the high volume exhaust is less desirable.
Varex Smartbox example
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Imagine the following scenario:

You’re cruising along a country road, tapping on the throttle pedal to maintain cruising speed, (or perhaps letting the cruise control take over). Presumably, you’d hear a low-pitch or loud-humming sound inside the cabin. Some might be fine with that but for many, it’s too much to bear.  With a Varex muffler installed, you could reach for the remote key fob to reduce the sound. It’s a good way to go yet not the most convenient.
what if we can create a device that will know when and how to change the exhaust sound for us, and do it precisely and automatically?”
Our goal was to make the most user-friendly Variable Exhaust System and reduce the stress of owning a loud performance exhaust. With Varex SmartBox, we believe we’ve achieved our goal. This smart control system can sense the right moment, and produce the right exhaust sound for your enjoyment. Gladly, our R&D team took up the challenge, and that’s how the idea of Varex SmartBox Bluetooth® Exhaust Controller (VSBec) was created. 

What is the Smart Box?

Varex SmartBox is a control device with patent-pending technology that lets the user manually and automatically adjust the exhaust sound level of the Varex exhaust. Users can operate and make changes to the settings via an elegantly designed Smartphone App. The connections between the SmartBox and smartphones are via the latest Bluetooth® technology, which provides a intuitive user experience.  
SmartBox provides the following functions:
Manual Mode:
  • Precise manual adjustment of Varex exhaust valve positions;
  • Custom pre-set of Varex exhaust valve position
  • Automatic control of Varex exhaust valve positions based on real-time information of RPM, throttle and speed.
  • Automatic control of Varex exhaust valve positions based on the real-time location of the vehicle.
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What is Manual Mode?

Previously the variable exhaust valve of the Varex muffler was controlled by a key fob, something similar to a car door key fob. When the user presses the button, the exhaust valve will start turning until the pressing is stopped. The key fobs work well but not perfectly. Users aren’t able to precisely control the valve position, and there is no feedback display of what the valve position is. Furthermore, there is no memory for any pre-set valve positions.  The need for more user control of Varex has been driving our team to design the most user-friendly device by far, which is the “Manual Mode” of SmartBox. By Manual Mode, you can select the 5 pre-set valve positions, which are default to be “Closed”, “25%”,”50%”,”75%”, and “Open”. It’s already a huge step forward, however, we weren’t going to stop there.  We went on to design a procedure to let our users set those pre-set valve positions by simply holding one of the preset buttons, where a custom setting page flips out for picking the desired valve position, and the newly set position will be recorded.  How easy and convenient will that be for all of our customers?  Also, for users who want the touch and feel of the old key fob, we have something for you too!  There are two arrow buttons on the bottom of the screen, which imitate the old key fob button operations. Now you can see the turning progress displayed on the Smartphone screen to indicate what the valve position is. We have to say, the operation of the valve position progress circle is such a pleasure to look at!
There’s good news for customers who want to use the existing Varex key fob. The new SmartBox can be connected to the existing key fob controller, and users can operate the Varex muffler. The user can watch the Valve operation progress on the smartphone App whilst operating. The guesswork from the old days is gone and you’ll always know what Valve position it’s at.  We hope you enjoy the brand new experience of the Smart Box Manual Mode. See more information about Manual Mode in the App User Guide.   SmartBox Manual Mode
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What is Matrix Mode?

Matrix Mode enables you to change the sound automatically using a series of custom pre-sets. Three vehicle parameter values are displayed via OBD 2: Engine RPM, throttle position and speed are all visible on the screen within a range or "band". You can zoom in on a zone to adjust using the “band snap” button or adjust the band or zone by sliding the buttons left or right. Once the band is set, select the valve position you’d like inside the band and outside the band. For example, our band width in RPM may be 3000RPM to 6500RPM. We would set the valve position inside that RPM band, for example 75%. Then select the valve position outside the band. E.g. 0 RPM to 3000RPM could be 20% for example. Once you have completed your settings in that pre-set, select enable to turn it on. Now you’ll have the valve at 20% open until 3000RPM, once RPM enters the pre-set band of 3000RPM-6500RPM in our example the valve will move automatically to 75% open as you set it. You’re able to use throttle position and road speed values in the same way to further customise your exhaust sound. There are four pre-set maps you can switch between simply by turning them on or off at any time. For example, you might have track – street – highway or a setting for other drivers
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What is Geo Mode?

There are some locations we want the Varex exhaust to be less noisy, while we don’t mind it being loud everywhere else. We believe this is what the Smart Box is supposed to do and we created the GEO Mode specifically for SmartBox.  We want our users to define a region on the map and set a particular exhaust sound for that location. We want it to be done simply and intuitively by dragging a circle on the smartphone screen. And it actually works perfectly! Multiple regions are allowed to be set and memorized. Please see the App User Guide for further instructions.  Finally, you can go home quietly with a SmartBox.   
SmartBox Geo Mode
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What is in the package?

  • SmartBox Control Module x 1
  • OBD-II Cable x 1
  • GPS External Antenna x 1
Where to buy it?
SmartBox comes in as part of many of the exhaust system kits. If they are not included in the kit, or you want to use them for any custom exhaust application in conjunction with our Varex mufflers, they can also be purchased on their own. Buying is easy! You can either purchase the SmartBox from our Xforce Authorized Dealers or directly from our website. Read More
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