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The VAREX Smart Box by XForce is an innovative game changer! Our VAREX systems allows our users to adjust the exhaust sound of their car from a standard like quiet sound to a sports car like growl at the click of a button.    When paired with our Smart Box Bluetooth Exhaust Controller, users are given unparalleled control with the ability to manually or automatically adjust the sound level to a precision desired setting.    To learn more about VAREX Smart Box, get in touch with your local Authorised Dealer  



The renowned VAREX Exhaust System was invented and manufactured by XForce Performance Exhaust.

VAREX exhaust is a popular choice among the enthusiasts and professionals who are seeking the flexible control of the sound level for their performance exhaust.

VAREX exhaust systems allow users to adjust the exhaust sound from a stock-car like quiet to sports-car like growl through the tap of a key fob button. 

Users love VAREX exhaust sound and performance, and many prefer keeping the VAREX exhaust on the “Open Mode” most of the time.

However, there are some scenarios where the high volume exhaust sound may be less desirable. We know that it is part of the nature of most performance exhausts and came up with a solution.

Imagine the following scenario:

You're cruising on a nice stretch of road, slightly tapping on the throttle to maintain a cruising speed, or simply letting the cruise control take over. Most likely you'd hear a low pitch, slight or loud humming exhaust sound resonating inside the cabin. Some of us might be fine with it, but to some, it could be a little bit too much to bear, especially during a long trip.

With the VAREX muffler installed, users can reach for the VAREX remote key fob, and quickly press a button to reduce the sound level. It is a good way to go, but yet not the most convenient one.

This got us thinking. What if we could create a device that will know when and how to change the exhaust sound for us, and do it precisely and automatically? 

It will mean that this smart control system can sense the right moment, and produce the right exhaust sound for our enjoyment.

Gladly, our R&D team took up this challenge, and that was how the idea of VAREX Smart Box came about. Our goal is to make the most user friendly Variable Exhaust System, and reduce the stress of owning a loud performance exhaust.

By creating VAREX Smart Box, we believe that we have achieved our goal.




VAREX Smart Box is a control device that uses patent pending technology which lets the user manually and automatically adjust the exhaust sound level of their VAREX exhaust.

The users can operate and make changes to the settings of the Smart Box via an elegantly designed Smartphone App.

The connections between the Smart Boxes and the smart phones are via the latest Bluetooth® technology, which provides an exceptionally reliable and smooth user experience.

Smart Box provides the following functions:

Manual Mode: 

- Precise manual adjustment of VAREX exhaust valve positions

- Custom pre-set VAREX exhaust valve positions

Matrix Mode: 

- Automatic control of VAREX exhaust valve positions based on real time information of RPM, Throttle and Speed.

Geo Mode: 

- Region defined default exhaust settings


  By using Manual Mode, you can quickly select the 5 pre-set valve positions, which are default to be “Closed”, “25%”,”50%”,”75%” and “Open” or choose a precise position.  



Matrix Mode enables our users to easily pinpoint a sound and change exhaust sounds effortlessly.

We can locate sound by three vehicle parameter value ranges: Engine RPM, Throttle Position and Speed.

We call the value range of these parameters the “Band”. On the Smart Phone App, we have designed a user-friendly interface to pick the right band value.

By using our “Band Snap” feature, the driver of the vehicle can drive the car as usual, and at the moment when the exhaust sound that we want to find becomes prominent, the driver can instruct the assistant passenger to tap the “Band Snap” button within the App. The Smart Box will then automatically assign a band value range for each parameter.

Users can even further fine-tune the band range later if needed. The Matrix Model only works with vehicles equipped with OBD II port.


There are always some locations that we just want the VAREX exhaust to be quieter and this is what Smart Box allows us to do.

We want our users to be able to define a region on the map, and then set a particular exhaust sound for that location, so we created GEO Mode on the Smart Box.

We want this to be done simply and intuitively by dragging a circle on the smartphone screen. It works perfectly; multiple regions are allowed to be set and memorised via the Smartphone App. Finally, you can leave and go home quietly without annoying the neighbours thanks to Smart Box.


The RRP for VAREX Smart Box is $599. This can be paired with any VAREX Muffler or VAREX Exhaust System. For more information, contact your local authorised dealer and tell them what car you drive. 

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