Xforce Cat back Exhaust bolt on for RX-8

Xforce Cat back Exhaust bolt on for RX-8photo by: Evilspoon7

In 2003, ¬†Mazda¬†turned the car world on its head with the RX-8. Ticking most boxes, car¬†journalist¬†worldwide¬†praized the RX8¬†for ingenious classic¬†suicide doors, all new Wenkel rotor design (that didn’t need a rebuild after a track day) and new¬†chassis¬†meant it was a real performer on the track while still being a great commuter.

As of October 2006 the RX-8 has won at least 37 international motoring awards including 2003 International Engine of the Year, the 2003 Japanese Car of the Year, Australia’s¬†Wheels¬†magazine’s Car of the Year for 2003, the 2004 Singapore Car of the Year, the 2004 U.S. Best Sports Car, and several¬†UK¬†Best Car Awards. It was named on¬†Car and Driver¬†magazine’s¬†Ten Best list¬†for 2004, 2005, and 2006. It also took home 1st place on¬†Car and Driver’s¬†”Four of a Kind” comparison test.¬†2010 RX-8 R3 edition placed 3rd out of 7 on Car and Driver’s The Best-Handling Car in America for Less Than $100,000. ¬†(source:¬†http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mazda_RX-8)

In recent years the the RX-8 has become an affordable sports car,with many on the used car market in still great condition, a low km early model RX-8 can be had for as little as 20k nowdays, with a VERY strong aftermarket support in all areas of the car, it would be in the top 5 list of sports car to buy for 20k.

Xforce Cat back Exhaust bolt on for RX-8Tuners and RX-8 owners all agree that the RX-8′s RENESIS 13B-MSP and its 230hp can do with a little more power. From factory the exhaust system is a very restrictive unit, designed to pass¬†stringent¬†emissions laws, power is¬†compromised and restricted.¬†With a simple Xforce Cat back bolt on system the¬†RX-8′s RENESIS 13B-MSP ¬†is allowed to breathe and a power gain just shy of 20HP at the wheels can be seen.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Xforce exhaust systems are designed to be a true bolt-on option and power gainer. All exhaust systems are R&D in-house and dyno tested with proven power gains. 304 Stainless steel mandrel bends, and flanges are used in the construction for its strength, excellent heat resistance, rust proof, high flow (mandrel bends) and finish properties. Everything in the Xforce range includes bolts, nuts, gaskets and everything else needed for a true bolt on experience.

Xforce Cat back Exhaust bolt on for RX-8

Xforce Cat back Exhaust bolt on for RX-8

Xforce recommends a dyno tune after an exhaust item has been upgraded (like any other power mod) to fully utilize its power potential.

Read more http://blog.xforce.com.au.tmp.anchor.net.au/?p=325

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