Xforce Varex Exhaust System Install

Xforce Varex Exhaust System Install

All Xforce Varex Exhaust systems include every nut, bolt and gasket for a true bolt on experience. With a little knowledge, a spare weekend and some basic tools a home mechanic car enthusiast can easily install, fit and enjoy an Xforce Varex Exhaust system.

1. Jack the car up. Using manufactures jacking points, so 4 wheels are off the ground. Use car stands to hold up the car,( Do not only use a jack on its own, it may fail and the car will fall on you). When using ramps be sure to lock the emergency/Hand brake and block/choke the front wheels. DO NOT USE cinder blocks in any circumstances.

2. Assess the condition of all the parts of your exhaust system before beginning.

3. Lie on your back and position yourself under the car until you are looking at where the pipes bolt onto the catalytic converter.

4. Unbolt the old exhaust system starting from the Muffler and work your way forward to the cat. Generally, the bolts are rusted and hard to get off. Use some WD-40 to penetrate the bolts.

5. Remove all parts of the exhaust you’re going to replace. Remove them from the hangers and set all the old parts aside in order.

6. Remove or cut the old hangers off.

7. Depending on the type of rubber exhaust hangers your car uses, its recommended to put the new hangers onto the exhaust pieces first, this is usually an easier way to put the exhaust parts back on.

8. Check to see if there are any sensors like an O2 sensor or Ground wire.  These may need to be removed. Unplug if necessary. It is generally located near the catalytic converter.

9. Now starting from the front of the car, hang the exhaust part up then bolt it onto the pipe before it, do not tighten all the way until you have all pieces on.

10. Newly supplied gaskets will need to be put in between the pipe segments

11. After all pipes are attached, start tightening each segment. And plug or replace any removed sensors or ground wire.

12. Take a few steps back from the car and make any alignment adjustments you need so that the tailpipes are even with the bumper and looks good.

13. Double check and tighten all the bolts.

14. Start the car up and locate any leaks you may have.

Note: this is only a guide, Xforce do not take any responsibilities for any damage to you or your car. It is also advisable that with any new Xforce Varex exhaust upgrade, a trip to a workshop with a dyno for a retune or flash to the ECU is recommended to fully utilize its performance potential and to check the Air/fuel ratios.

Read more http://blog.xforce.com.au.tmp.anchor.net.au/?p=259

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