XFORCE VAREX Holden Commodore VE SS Sportswagon Performance Exhaust

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XFORCE Performance Full Exhaust System for Holden Commodore VE Sportswagon SS and Sedan type.

This full stainless steel exhaust system includes :1″3/4 header and twin 3″ hi-flow racing cats , and twin 2.5″ cat-back system with Varex rear mufflers (in 3″ inlet”).

Varex exhaust creates a quiet , near stock(standard) sound, and hi-performance V8 sports notes with a click of button. A full Varex exhaust system has shown on the dyno to produce significant power gains.

For more info on other Holden Exhaust systems visit :https://xforce.com.au/vehicles.php?make=Holden&make_id=5

Read more http://blog.xforce.com.au.tmp.anchor.net.au/?p=228

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