Hyundai Kona N Varex Valved Catback System

Hyundai Kona N Varex Valved Catback System



Hyundai Kona N 3" Varex Catback System


Are you ready to take your Hyundai Kona N to the next level?

Here at Xforce, we have fallen in love with the Hyundai N range of vehicles. As soon as we tested our first cat back system we knew how special these Hyundai Kona N vehicles are.We’ve spent countless hours in design,development and testing on each Hyundai N Vehicle to ensure the absolute best performance and sound is achieved.We even have a few Hyundai N and N-line vehicles in our staff carpark!

With our new Varex Valved cat back system, get ready to let your engine roar,crackle and pop like it should while offering the ability to take it back a notch when you need the sophistication that you come to expect from a Hyundai N.

Our patented Varex Valved muffler with vehicle-specific internal design adds a high-quality increased performance sound when in the open position whilst delivering quiet and calm when you need it.

To finish things off our 4.5” double wall polished tips compliment the rear of the vehicle perfectly.

We know you will love this system just as we did in developing it.


To take it to the next level, add a Smartbox for the ultimate in control using our patented Bluetooth smartphone app to provide pre-set automatic valve control, geo fencing and more.Drive mode integration is available with the Smartbox by using our BiModal intergration cable part #BMC01.

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Tig Welded construction
  • 3″ Brushed finish tubing
  • Patented Varex Valved rear Muffler
  • 4.5″ Double walled stainless steel tips
  • All gaskets,nuts & bolts included for fitment
Vehicle Model: Kona
Diameter [in]: 3"
Material: 304 Stainless Steel

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