2.5Inch Varex Valved Cat Back Exhaust System

2.5Inch Varex Valved Cat Back Exhaust System


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Looking for a cat back exhaust system that offers both performance and control? Look no further than the Xforce Varex cat back exhaust for the Toyota 86 ZN6 / Subaru BRZ ZC6.Made from high-quality 304 stainless steel, this system is designed to improve exhaust flow and provide an aggressive exhaust note. Plus, with the Varex muffler technology, you can easily switch between loud and quiet modes to suit your driving style.

The system features a 2.5″ diameter pipe and twin 2.25″ outlets with dual 4.5″ tips, making it a perfect fit for your Toyota 86 ZN6. Upgrade your driving experience with the Xforce Varex cat back exhaust system today.

  • Toyota 86 ZN6/Subaru BRZ ZC6/Scion FRS ZN6
  • Polished stainless steel
  • 2.5″ cat back system
  • Centre hot dog resonator
  • Varex rear muffler
  • 4.5″ polished stainless steel tips
  • Included optional blue burnt coated tips
Part No: EST861VKCS
Vehicle Model: 86, BRZ
Diameter [in]: 2.5
Material: Stainless Steel

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    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Great product! I've had this exhaust for about a year now and no complaints. Quality and fitment has been great, a true bolt on. Varex works amazingly, when the valve is shut its a little louder than stock but has a better sound, but when it's open...it's LOUD!! I keep it shut when it's late to keep the neighbors happy, open when I want to have some fun but mostly drive with it about half way. The 86 (BRZ) has a spare 12v socket behind the glove box so really easy to wire in the Varex, just plug and play. FYI I have a cated tri-Y EL header, de-cated but resonated mid pipe and an over pipe.


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