2.5Inch Oval Varex with 4Inch Single Tip

2.5Inch Oval Varex with 4Inch Single Tip



Universal Varex muffler single tip 5.5"x9.5" oval body with 2.5″ inlet


The Varex Valved universal muffler is the ideal system add-on for owners and exhaust builders alike that are looking for a compact, valved oval muffler solution to incorporate into their own 3” exhaust system build.

Utilising our Varex muffler allows you to instantly expand your performance and acoustic options with the integrated exhaust valve control – activated by the supplied Varex controller and two key fobs.

The muffler body measures 9.5” wide by 5.5″ High by 15” long and utilises a flanged 2.5” centre-inlet centre-out configuration with 4″ tip, for easier installation.

  • 5.5″x9.5″x15″ Body
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 2.5″ inlet with 2 bolt flange
  • Single 4″ tip outlet
  • Allow 2 inch clearance for actuating moto
Part No: VMK8-250
Instructional Manual: Download PDF Download PDF

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