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XFORCE Matte Orange FPV GT 335 – Marulan Track Day


A few months back we took our very own FPV GT 335 to the small Marulan track for a day of fun. The XFORCE Matte Orange FPV GT 335 is powered by a XFORCE Twin 3″ Performance exhaust system. We were also able to put together a quick video on the day. Have a listen to the superb V8 exhaust sound!

Watch this video on YouTube.

Twin 3inch System-FPV FG GT 5L
1″7/8 Primary Header into 3″ collector;
3″ 100 Cell Metallic Hi-Flow Cats;
Twin 3″ Cat-Back System:
Pipe Size: Twin 3″ with 4″ over the axle;
Centre Resonator: Dual mid-size round;
Rear Mufflers: Large oval;
Rear Varex mufflers (Optional): Remotely adjustable mufflers;
Tips: Quad 3.5″ angle-cut, double wall tips.


FPV GT COYOTE 335 Exhaust Dyno Test Results:
During our research and development phase, we have conducted numerous dyno tests on our exhaust systems. The ultimate goal has been achieved in our final products. Please click to see the Dyno test reports.

Team XFORCE at Top Gear Festival Sydney

Team XFORCETeam XFORCE & the Driftkid went to the Top Gear Festival on the weekend held at Sydney Motorsport Park for the Just Car Insurance Drift Demo’s. The Festival is a motorsport enthusiast’s dream event with everything from V8 Supercars racing Formula One cars & stunts in cars & on bikes & almost every motorsport showcasing their discipline in this off spin from the TV series Top Gear. Host Jeremy Clarkson & James May made the event with their on & off track antics.Team XFORCE10 of Australia’s best drifters were invited to wow the crowds with their skill & talent & show tens of thousands of motor sport enthusiast’s what drifting is all about.Team XFORCEThe boys drifted the whole track 4 times a day & put on an amazing show down the main straight getting the crowds on their feet showing their skills sliding side to side at speeds of over 190kmh. The sound coming from the XFORCE Exhaust on the Driftkid’s Ute sounded amazing, flat out at the top of 4th gear with the sound bouncing of the pit wall was pure Exhaust Porn.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Watch this video on YouTube.

We also put on a few mock battles in front of the grand stands to demonstrate how drifting is performed & the crowds loved it.Team XFORCENick in the XFORCE Performance Exhaust VE SS Drift Ute even made it onto channel 9 evening news with his 360′s in front of the grand stands using the Achilles ATR Sports Coloured smoke Tyres.Team XFORCEWith an expected crowd of over 60000 people we were able to showcase the sport we love & hopefully got a few more supporters.

XFORCE Exhaust System for Mitsubishi Evo X


XFORCE Performance Exhausts are proud to announce that we now offer a direct bolt-on full exhaust system for the Mitsubishi Evo X. The high quality system is installed on our Evo X test vehicle here as it completes a couple of laps at the small Marulan track. Have a listen!


Watch this video on YouTube.



3″ front -pipe, can be bolt up to stock dump pipe;
3″ hi-flow metallic racing cat;
3″ middle section with hot-dog resonator;
3″ Rear section with large oval mufflers;
Dual 4″ angle-cut, double wall tip.

For pricing or other inquiries please contact us directly with the details below:

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