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XFORCE Prepares for Mustang to hit Aussie Shores

For too long the Mustang has been a series of long and dubious steps to land on the Australian shores, let alone register for road use. But now that has changed, with Ford Australia set to bring the brand new Mustang across the pacific, XFORCE has already prepared and developed a complete system from the engine back to punch out an extra 63kw at 3400rpm and additional 40kw peak power. Available with or without Varex adjustable mufflers to control your vehicles volume on the fly.


–  304 grade stainless steel 3” piping

– Transition tubes to adapt the cat-back to the OEM front pipes

–  High Flow X-Pipe Centre Section Design

–  Available with duel Varex adjustable valve mufflers

Check out this video to hear the new mustang roar thanks to its XFORCE exhaust: 

Stainless Dual 3” Cat Back System

Part Number: ES-FM15-CBS 

RRP: $1750 inc GST


Stainless Dual 3” VAREX Cat Back System   

Part Number: ES-FM15VMK-CBS 

RRP: $2250 inc GST


Stainless Dual 3” Engine Back System with 1 7/8” Headers  

Part Number: ES-FM15-EBS

RRP: $3500 inc GST


Stainless Dual 3” VAREX Engine Back System with 1 7/8” Headers

Part Number: ES-FM15VMK-EBS 

RRP: $3750 inc GST

For more info on Ford Mustang 2015+ XFORCE Exhaust Systems click HERE.