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XFORCE Ford FG XR6 Turbo 4″ Performance Exhaust System


A few months back we took a Ford FG Sedan 4L G6E Turbo to the small Marulan track for a day of fun. The G6E is powered by a XFORCE 4″ Turbo-Back System. Check out the video below:

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XFORCE offers 2 different systems for the FG XR6/ G6E:


4″ Turbo Dump-Pipe
4″ 100 Cell Metallic Cat
4″ Cat-Back System


4″ Turbo Dump-Pipe
3.5″ 100 Cell Metallic Cat
3.5″ Cat-Back System

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2nd Place for Team XFORCE at round 2 of the Figure 8 Drift Series

2nd Place for Nick “DriftKid” Coulson and Team XFORCE at the Hi-Tec Oils Pty Ltd Figure 8 Drift Competition on Friday Night at Sydney Motorsport Park.


Qualifying in 9th place meant that Nick would have to battle hard to get to the podium. xforce2

First battle was with Sydney Driver Alex Sciacca in the mental J powered RX8. Nick put on a great chase lap getting nice & close to the RX8 & on the switch around Alex knew he had to put down a good lap but had a spin trying to match the proximity & the win was awarded to Nick.

Top 8 battle was against top qualifier Camo Mote Drift. These two guys put on such a close set of battles it was amazing. Both Nick & Camo put on a show that the crowd loved, door to door action all the way. They couldn’t pick a winner & a re-run was called & even then the judges couldn’t split them & called for another re-run. Unfortunately for Camo his car suffered mechanical issues on the way back to the pits for a tyre change & had to forfeit the last run meaning Nick was through to the Top 4.

Top 4 was against Steven Prembry in the little AE86. Little car maybe but powered by a V6 Aurion Motor meant this car had some serious power to weight ratio.

Nick lead first with a great run & left Steve struggling to gain proximity. On the switch around Nick got on Steven’s door almost pushing the car around the track & didn’t let go handing the win to Nick & now through to the Finals.


The Final was against Fernando Wiehrl. Fernando led first & Nick stuck to his Door putting on a great show of car control & outstanding proximity. The switch around saw Nick do exactly what the judges wanted from the lead car & he threw it in big on the first corner getting the clipping point exactly where he should have & gaining massive angle while doing so (as pictured above). Fernando seemed to struggle to match Nick’s entry with a shallow line & then a slight straighten before getting on the door of Nick for a great last section proximity chase.

Unfortunately the judges didn’t see it the way we did & called for a re-run. We went to go change tyres as they were spent & we were advised that we couldn’t change tyres after only 1 set of battles & had to do the re-run on what we had on the car. The regulations for this event don’t state this in their race “regs” & we pointed that out but were told it was an unwritten rule that we had to adhere to. So out we went on tyres that were bald & had virtually no grip at all.

Certainly not the best runs in this last battle but Nick still put on a great show & only missed the number 1 spot by 1/2 a point.


The Hi-Tec Oils Figure 8 Drift Series is shaping up to be a fierce competition with some great coverage for everyone that can’t make it to Sydney with the live stream proving very popular on

MARJORAM BLOG: Lots learnt from hometown event

Exhaust Performance Exhaust V8 UTE

In his latest blog, XFORCE Brand Ambassador and Erebus Academy driver Adam Marjoram reflects on his return home to Perth last weekend for the latest round of the V8 Ute series.

These weekends really pass quickly don’t they?

It’s always a pleasure to race in Perth, the home race is always a special one for drivers due to the added support and great atmosphere it brings. I was extremely busy in the week leading up to Barbagallo with University assignments due, a Princess Margaret Hospital visit, the Erebus Academy track walk for young karters, announcing new sponsorships and not to mention all the physical, mental and track preparation for the weekend.

We started the weekend very positively in practice. Qualifying was an area of interest as for the first time this year we ran the F1 style of qualifying where we had 3 knockout sessions. In Q1 we finished fourth, but in hindsight probably took the best out of the tyres too early, leaving us with 12th in Q2 and as a result missing Q3. This is an area that with experience I will gain better control.

Race 1 saw me start 12th but finish 14th. Our aim for this race was to come out the other side with a bag of points, a straight car and conserved tyres. Conserving the tyres around Barbagallo is probably one of the most important objectives as the rate of tyre degradation is extremely high and we are only given six tyres for the weekend.

Race starts was something I worked on over the weekend with my engineer Simon – just trying to build a routine into the 10 seconds before launching the car and keeping that build up consistent.

Race 2 was a reverse top 19, meaning I started from sixth. I didn’t have a great start but I waited for my car to come on and to make the positions back up. I sat in third for a while before a charging Kris Walton passed me and started hunting down the second placed Wayne Wakefield. From my view in fourth I could see those two having an epic battle. I ended up drag racing Wakefield on the finish straight with the chequered flag waving, narrowly missing third spot by a quarter of a car length. This fourth place was my personal best result in the V8 Ute category and I was very happy with the way I kept the car within its limits of grip as to not cook the tyres too early.

In Race 3 I started 10th, got a great launch, but unfortunately everyone else did as well. Early into the race I had a fairly large lockup and flat spotted a tyre pretty severely, which meant I dropped back through the pack all the way to 19th as I lacked speed.

Over the whole weekend the team and I kicked many goals and there were many promising aspects to our weekend. I can’t compliment the team enough for providing such a well prepared car and such a great platform from which I can continue to learn in what is only my third year in a car. Barry, Simon, Cliff, Dave, Drew and Damien have been instrumental in this preparation and my steep learning curve – thank you.

Of course, this would not be possible without all of the fantastic support I receive from my fans and sponsors. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the continued support from Auto One, SP Tools, Supercharge Batteries, Valvoline, Nova 937 and my new sponsors in XForce Performance Exhaust and Everblast W.A.

See you at Hidden Valley!



R32 GT-R – XForce 3.5-inch exhaust fit, tune and test

XFORCE Nissan Skyline R32 GTR Exhaust


3.5″ Hi-flow Metallic Cat;
3.5″ middle section with oval resonator;
3.5″ rear section with angle-out cannon muffler.

RB26 Twin dump-pipe with separate waste-gate pipe also available.

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