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Entering into a multi-year deal with RTR Motorsports—a multifaceted motorsports program consisting of professional motorsports drivers Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Chelsea DeNofa—XForce Performance Exhaust announces the partnership at arguably one of the toughest off-road races in the world, King of the Hammers (KOH). With Vaughn Gittin Jr. behind the wheel of #Brocky, a 600 HP Ford Performance Z427 powered purpose built Ultra4 off-road truck based on a classic Ford Bronco body, XForce looks to kick off the partnership with a solid finish at this grueling race!

“Sound to me is one of the most important elements to the experience of driving a vehicle,” Vaughn Gittin Jr. explained. Vaughn continued, “nothing can make the hairs on your neck stand up like an engine revving through a properly designed exhaust system. We are pumped to be partnered with XForce, who have been taking performance exhaust technology to the next level and allow anyone to personalize the level of sound simply by using an app on a phone to suit their personal taste and ever changing sound and performance needs. We have many exciting projects on the Horizon together and we are excited to get started!”

XForce will support the many facets of RTR Motorsports and its drivers with innovative and performance-driven exhaust systems, along with supporting RTR in their various motorsport efforts. XForce will be working with the RTR Vehicle engineering team to develop exhaust products using XForce’s performance exhaust technologies including its coveted and patended Varex system. The Varex system offers adjustable levels of sound for the track, trails and the street to be used on RTR’s OEM-plus performance vehicles including the Ford Mustang RTR and soon to be released Ford F-150 RTR. The Bluetooth controlled and GPS equipped Varex system allows drivers to adjust the sound level of their exhaust via Bluetooth controller (or smartphone) and connect to GPS for automatically reducing the sound in noise sensitive areas.

XForce will also support global RTR demos, event activations, special projects, video programs and other partner related events.

Be sure to follow the social media accounts below for all competition and events throughout the year.

XForce – Instagram: @XForceExhaust;
Vaughn Gittin Jr. – Instagram: @VaughnGittinJr;
Chelsea DeNofa – Instagram: @chelseadenofa;

XForce announces partnership with Red Bull Holden Racing Team


We are pleased to announce our partnership with Triple Eight Race Engineering and the Red Bull Holden Racing Team in 2017.

XForce has a history of supporting local motorsport, first with our partnership with the V8 Utes Championship in 2013, providing exhaust systems to V8 Utes that allowed us to test and develop our products. It also gave us a channel to spend time with customers, and speak to race fans to gather feedback and information.

We had also sponsored the four time ANDRA Champion and good friend Darren Morgan in Top Fuel Drag Racing, a very exciting and demanding motorsport. Other motorsport involvements we had include the USC Sprintcar Championship series as co-naming rights sponsor, and Nick “The Drift Kid” Coulson in his Holden VE Commodore ute. Continuing our commitment with drift motorsports, we are now sponsoring Fanga Dan and his supercharged, widebody VF Commodore sedan in D1NZ.

XForce had also sponsored up-and-coming talent Trent Grubel, who raced in the inaugural Toyota 86 Racing Series. Our first taste of V8 Supercars came along when we partnered with TEKNO Autosports and TEKNO Performance in 2015 and 2016.

Now, we look forward to working with the Red Bull Holden Racing Team and Triple Eight Race Engineering in 2017. There will be many opportunities to promote our brand and explore both the synergies in performance and engineering in our new relationship with the Red Bull Holden Racing Team.

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Exhaust Tech 101


An aftermarket exhaust system is a bread and butter modification most car enthusiasts do to enliven their car’s performance and driving sensation. However, many don’t consider the important points of picking the right exhaust for their cars, which is mainly, sound, power and costs.



More often than not, the standard factory exhaust is designed to muffle noise as much as possible. By restricting the flow of exhaust gasses out of the engine, it creates backpressure that robs some power, but provides useable torque for daily driving. Backpressure occurs when the engine is pumping out exhaust gasses faster than it can exit the tail pipe. While most engines are designed and tuned from factory to work with the backpressure, sometimes it is much better to have little to no back pressure, especially on cars with big capacity or turbocharged engines.

Replacing the factory exhaust system with less restrictive, aftermarket items will restore some of the power loss, and give a great exhaust note too. We’ll go in depth on the components of exhaust system, and show you how to choose the right ones for your vehicle.


Headers and Exhaust Manifolds

The headers and exhaust manifolds are bolted to the engine’s head, and are in charged with collecting the exhaust gasses and sent them on the way out of the car. Factory designed manifolds are great at scavenging exhaust gasses from combustion chambers at low to medium engine speeds, where the car spends 99% of its time. However, at high revs, the factory manifold becomes a restriction, dropping top end power.

Aftermarket headers are designed to be more free flowing, allowing high amounts of exhaust gasses to quickly exit the combustion chambers. Most aftermarket exhaust manifolds are often mandrel bent to remove exhaust restrictions. Highly effective headers also have massive amounts of research and development, and are a critical component in the exhaust system in freeing up power.

There are also different configurations of headers, such as Tri-Y, 4-1, and are available in different lengths and runner sizes. As a rule of thumb, 4-1 headers provide better mid range and top end power, while a Tri-Y configuration has better low and mid range response and power.



Catalytic Convertor

The catalytic convertor (or popularly known as cat) removes harmful emissions from the exhaust gas emitted by your engine before allowing it to continue on its journey. Using special, honey comb filters coated with precious metals, it converts harmful gases to neutral chemicals before being released into the atmosphere. Factory catalytic convertors can be highly restrictive, and many race cars run without one. However, it is illegal to remove it from road cars. However, there are high flow cats that are not as restrictive as factory ones. Normally rated at 100 CELL to 300 CELL, the lower the number, the less restrictive it is. After installing a high flow cat, there is a high chance that the car may no longer meet its emissions rules, and is no longer road legal.


The most recognizable part of the car, the muffler is the key in reducing exhaust noise. Depending on style and size, the muffler uses sound deadening, multiple baffles and perforated tubes to achieve this. XForce’s Varex mufflers also allow users to change the sound levels from quiet to loud, and anywhere in between with a click of a button.

Watch out for badly designed mufflers that use cheap materials. As heat and exposure degrades the components, the cheap mufflers’ exhaust tone can change over time. These mufflers can also be a restriction by using a smaller inner pipe to reduce noise to an acceptable level. A good aftermarket muffler will provide a great tone without the tinny drone while cruising. It should also be designed in a way that it will not generate excessive back pressure. The internal diameter of the muffler should also match the rest of the exhaust, and ideally should be larger than stock.

XForce Performance Exhausts supply a full exhaust system, either for universal applications, or specific car models. Extensive research and development, alongside testing has gone into making XForce’s products to provide performance and satisfaction.

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VCM Tuned Mustang GT

VCM Performance created one of the slickest video we’ve come across, with a style inspired by video games and, of course, our XForce Performance exhausts for the iconic Mustang!

Check out the video here:



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JAN-FEB Special – FREE Shirt and Cap for 86/BRZ Products

XFORCE JAN-FEB Special – Free Shirt and Cap Giveaway for Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ products!



XForce Performance is giving away a free XForce shirt and cap with every purchase of Toyota 86 header back or catback exhaust system from an authorised XForce dealer. To redeem the t shirt and cap, simply email: [email protected] or Facebook message ( us these details.

  • Name
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  • Email
  • Copy or image of proof of purchase showing date purchased etc.
  • Image of the car.

Only while stocks last!


NEW! Toyota 86/BRZ 4-into-1 Headers

Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ 4-into-1 Header


XForce’s all new 4 into 1 unequal length header kit provides increased power and excellent torque improvement at higher RPMs. The header kit also provides a crisp refined boxer note for the FA20 engine.* 1 5/8″ primary pipe with 2 1/2″ over cross member pipe
* Direct fit on XForce high flow cat and cat back systems


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JUN Auto V8 BRZ with XForce’s 3in Exhaust


JUN Auto’s Subaru BRZ is nothing short of amazing. Eschewing the normal widebody and massive GT wings that sprout on other tuners’ cars, JUN has opted to concentrate solely on the drivetrain and engine. They looked at the 2L boxer and went “Yeh, nah,” and chucked it out. In its place is a Synergy 2.4L V8 made from two bike engines cojoined with a flat plane crank. Churning out an impressive 270kW at 10,680RPM (redline is 11,000RPM), the Synergy V8 makes a glorious noise as it screams to the redline. The XForce 3in exhaust helps making the spent gasses exit as quickly as possible, and adds a bassy roar to the V8’s treble.

Check out the video below:



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Xforce sponsors D1NZ drifter Fanga Dan


XForce Performance Exhaust is proud to be the sponsors of Daniel Woolhouse, also known as Fanga Dan, a professional driver currently participating in D1NZ Pro Drift Championship. Currently piloting a widebody Holden VE Commodore with a wild supercharged LS2, Fanga Dan tears up drift circuits all over New Zealand.  A brand new XForce full exhaust setup for his drift car is on its way over right now, so hang on for the details!


Daniel Woolhouse, also known as ‘Fanga Dan’, is a two-time D1NZ Champion and professional Drifting driver from Whangarei, New Zealand.

Growing up in Hastings around his father’s car yard sparked an automotive lifestyle at an early age.

Spending time on the yard washing and prepping cars for sale, Dan was surrounded by iconic Japanese vehicles synonymous with early drift culture – Nissan Skylines, Cefiros, Toyota Supras and Mazda RX7s to name a few.

At 10 years of age Dan would move north to Whangarei, and with a passion for rear wheel drive cars his teenage years saw plenty of vehicles in his ownership, repairing and selling a range of JDM National Drifting Championship, finishing 3rd overall in his rookie year.


Earning the nickname “Fanga”, he would move to a purpose-built Nissan S15 Silvia which went on to win the 2006 D1NZ Championship in just his second year of full competition, also becoming the third Driftcorp driver to win a national title.

In 2008 Daniel built and drove one of the first Holden VZ Commodores in competitive drifting, powered again by a 2.6 liter Nissan RB engine.

In 2010 ‘Fanga Dan’ represented New Zealand and competed in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia driving for Goodyear Racing in the Holden VZ Commodore, claiming wins and podium finishes in Formula Drift Asia and the Goodyear International Drift Series.

Dan competed overseas again in 2011 and 2012, driving for Castrol Edge in the Tectaloy International Drift Challenge as part of the annual World Time Attack event in Sydney, Australia.

After retiring his championship winning Nissan S15 in 2010, now driven by Driftcorp team-mate Robee Nelson, Fanga Dan went on to compete a rebuilt LS2 V8 powered Holden VZ Commodore in the 2013 D1NZ Championship Series for his naming rights sponsor Castrol Edge, in which he became the 2013 New Zealand Drift Champion.


In 2012, he unveiled his new drift car, the Holden VE Commodore, with the VZ’s supercharged LS2 engine and drivetrain.

We’re excited with the prospect of working with Fanga Dan. Our products will be put through very tough conditions, and with Fanga Dan providing valuable feedback, we can improve our research and development of exhausts even more.

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For more information on the XForce exhaust systems for Holden VE Commodores, click here: Holden VE Commodore Sedan/Wagon Exhausts


Team TEKNO V8 Supercar 2016 Recap – Brought to you by XForce Pt.1

We take a look back at 2016’s V8 Supercar season for the XForce Performance Exhaust sponsored Team TEKNO. Read on for the thrills and spills that happened throughout the year!

So long Shane, welcome Will!


Will Davison joined Team TEKNO after Shane van Gisbergen left to join the Red Bull Racing Australia, and took to the car like a duck to water. While initial testing at Ipswich were hampered by mechanical issues, Will was excited by the car’s potential, saying “I knew the car was going to be good. I feel comfortable in the car and that I can go hard out the gate at Adelaide.”



Wet and Wild at Clipsal 500

Tekno Autosports and Will Davison started extremely well in the stormy race, placing second when the red flag came out. However, due to the V8 Supercars officials enforcing the fuel minimum rule, this placing became disadvantageous as the race was cut short by 30 laps. This meant that Will had to pit several times and dropped back down to 15th place. Despite the controversial race, the team was still upbeat about the car and driver. Will comments “I can feel it’s a really nice package and it’s a really enjoyable car to drive!”. Race 2 was a bit of a gamble, with a specific fuel strategy that saw Will finished in P9, finishing head of Craig Lowndes.


Anxiety at the Australian Grand Prix

Things did not go well for Tekno Autosports and Will Davison, with a rough start for Will when he hit the wall during Practice 2 on Thursday afternoon. With the team working around the clock repairing the car, Will managed to get out and qualify P16 for Race1 on Friday afternoon. While Race 1 he maintained his position, Will managed to claw his way up to P14 ahead of Chris Pither and David Reynolds.


First Blood: Symmons Plains

Will Davison pick up his first victory with TEKNO on Sunday’s 200km race, with a podium placing the day before. It wasn’t without drama though, with Shane van Gisbergen and Mark Winterbottom spinning off the track due to oil at T4. Will held on and sailed through the wrecks to take the lead and the chequered flag.

Despite the news of team manager Steve Hallam’s departure, the TEKNO team held it together to score their first win of the 2016 season.


Top Ten at Phillip Island

After a great run in Tasmania, Will was determined to keep his down and get on with the next race. While Wil placed a promising 5th place in Practice 2, Will ultimately qualified in P20 for Race 6 and finished P16. It was looking to be a tough weekend, with Will placing P16 in the second race’s qualifying round. A brilliant strategy from Team TEKNO helped Will Davison to finish in P9 for Race 7.

Tricky Times at Barbagallo Raceway

Unpredictable weather wreaked havoc on most teams, as the varying conditions meant that no one had the feel for the raceway outright. With the sudden rain after the start of qualifying, Will was lucky to grab P9 to start Race 8. In Race 8, Will pitted early to get on slick tyres as the track started to dry up. By the time he crossed the finish line in P4, he had almost nothing left in the tyres. Will finished in P10 for Race 2, with team strategy and car setup not at its optimum.


Winton SuperSprint is Grip City

A recent track resurfacing meant that Winton provided immense amounts of grip to V8 Supercars, at least for those who managed to setup their cars to take advantage of it. The difference between the earlier races was massive, and Will spent a lot of time in practice to get the settings perfect. He was rewarded with P1 in the opening laps of Race 10, but when he pitted during Lap 15, a pit lane mishap meant he rejoined the field in P10. Eventually Will finished strongly in P6. For Race 11, Will made a few more changes, but in the end, he couldn’t find the optimum balance to get a good qualifying lap in, starting in P9. He stayed out to move up to P4, but due to the safety car and the need to pit, he rejoined the race in P17, finishing the race there.



Double Down at Hidden Valley

Consistent performances from the Darrell Lea STIX team continued on at Hidden Valley Raceway, with Will recording two 4th place finishes. The challenge was to keep the tyres from overheating, while laying down enough grip to last the race. With safety cars coming out through the races, Will was unable to put clear air between the rest of the field and himself. Despite narrowly missing out on the podium places twice, Will remains upbeat about the car and team. He had collected 1152 points and places P6 after 13 races in the championship.


Late Charge at Townsville 400

Coming off the back of twin P4 placings at Hidden Valley, the team was brimming with confidence when they tackled the streets of Townsville. Placing third fastest in both Practice 1 and 2 sessions, spirits were running high, and Will qualified P6 for Race 14. A thrilling finish saw Will edge #22 James Courtney to take P5 for Saturday’s race. On Sunday, Will qualified for the top ten shootout coming in 4th fastest in the qualifying session, but dropped to P8 after stopping the clocks at 1:12.90. During the race, an ill-timed safety car on lap 32 heavily impacted Will’s track position, and was left to double stack behind Craig Lowndes. He eventually rejoined the field in P18. On the 2nd safety car outing, the team decided to call the car in and bolt on fresher tyres, and he managed to storm back to finish P11 for Race 15.

Watch this space for Part 2 of Team TEKNO’s V8 Supercar 2016 season with Will Davison, proudly sponsored by XForce Performance Exhausts!





NEW! The 50 Series Universal Varex Mufflers

XForce Performance has developed a new series of universal Varex mufflers for vehicles with limited mounting space, or wish to be more discreet visually. The Varex motor is mounted on the side of a lower profile muffler. It is also protected from the elements from a tough heatshield to increase durability. 

The 50 series is available in 2 ½” and 3” offset centre mufflers. Its features are an excellent choice for hot rods, classics, muscle cars, or in any application where a smaller exhaust with a hidden Varex motor is desirable.

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CHRISTMAS Special – 15% off XForce Cat-Back Exhaust System to suit VE/VF Commodore

Get the Christmas spirit going by giving your VE/VF Commodore the XForce roar! For December, XForce Performance Exhaust are offering 15% off premium matt finished* stainless steel cat-back systems to suit VE/VF Commodore sedans, wagons and utes.

Click HERE to locate your nearest Authorised XForce Dealer.

*Polished cat-back system shown. Offer begins 1 December 2016 and ends January 1 2017

Part No: E2-VE35-CBS
Product Type: Matt Finished Cat-Back System
Diameter [in]: 2.5in
RRP: $1,135.00

Part No: E2-VE36-CBS
Product Type: Matt Finished Cat-Back System
Diameter [in]: 3in
RRP: $1,400.00

Part No: E2-VE30-CBS
Product Type: Matt Finished Cat-Back System
Diameter [in]: 3in
RRP: $1,135.00

Part No: E2-VE31-CBS
Product Type: Matt Finished Cat-Back System with Resonator
Diameter [in]: 3in
RRP: $1,400.00

To receive this offer please mention this post when contacting your local authorised XForce dealer. Click HERE to locate your nearest participating stockist.

John Bowe reviews the VAREX Smart Box




The Australian motorsports legend John Bowe was given an opportunity to test and review the VAREX Smart Box Bluetooth exhaust controller. He came away highly impressed with the features and functionality. “This (the VAREX Smart Box), is probably the most sophisticated and revolutionary exhaust product I’ve ever seen in my life,” John commented. He reckons that anyone who wants to take full control of their performance exhaust should get the VAREX Smart Box and mufflers.

For more information about Varex Smart Box, please click here.

John Bowe is a living legend in the Australian motorsport world. With a motorsport career spanning 40 years, he has won the Touring Cars Masters twice and the Australian Touring Car Championship, along with multiple wins at Bathurst in V8 Supercars, Bathurst 12 Hours GT3 International Racing and other categories. He is the only driver to hold six Australian Championships in four racing categories, a feat unlikely to be equalled.

For more information on John Bowe, please click here.


Filming is done under controlled conditions. Exhaust note and sound from videos may vary between cars due to environmental effects, system configurations, individual vehicle set-up and other factors.

Use this application only when traffic conditions permit. The app should not be used when the user is driving the vehicle. Safe vehicle operation is the driver’s responsibility.